Zackenberg Research Station 1/2

Zackenberg forskningsstation 1/2

Zackenberg and science, two exciting topics. Often we see the scientists’ results, but the process behind their work is just as exciting.

Zackenberg Research Station by Naja Abelsen.

Designwise the stamps were bound together by the five areas shown in the circles that make up Zackenberg’s solid basic research.

The drawings are made with markers as, using a simplified colour spectrum gives the desired effect where the instruments can be shown most clearly in the small format of stamps.

Zackenberg Research station 1/2
The wildlife
Denomination: DKK 11,50
Date of issue: 17th October 2016
36 stamps per sheet
Exterior dimensions: 40mm x 32mm
Format: G - horizontal
Artist: Naja Abelsen
Typography: Lowe-Martin Group
Printing Method: Offset
Paper: Self-adhesive. Unique OBA free, 90 gsm. 62 gsm backed paper

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