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UN World Ocean Day - Central date cancellation - Block of four lower marginal

No. 01105701-5
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UN World Ocean Day. Central date cancellation block of four lower marginal 4 x 1 value. The young artist Ivínguak' Stork Høegh has created an imaginative stamp that marks the UN World Ocean Day. Every year on 8th June, this UN Day is marked with a focus on the fundamental role of the oceans for life on Earth. The UN's goal is to make people aware of how important the sea is for our food production, health, survival, as well as our climate and how important it is that we make an effort to conserve the sea's resources. Greenland participates wholeheartedly in this international effort. The stamp is printed in offset. Face value / post office price: 106 DKK. Date of issue: 8th June 2021

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