Delivery and returns

International: 5-15 days
Denmark: 1-5 days
Norway and Sweden: 5-10 days

If an article is temporarily sold out it will be delivered as soon as it is in stock again and it is dispatched postage free. If an article is sold out, we will inform you about this.

Exchange and return
You always enjoy our 30 day full return policy on any goods. The goods can either be exchanged or credited. In order for us to be able to accept a return the item(s) in questions must be returned in the original packaging and in unused condition. When returning defective goods, Tusass Greenland Filateli covers the return postage. When returning for any other reason, you cover the return postage yourself.

Returned items must have the invoice / invoice copy enclosed or other information about the name, address, customer number and the reason for the return, as well as information on whether you want a replacement product or the purchase amount credited to your account. Your right of return applies from the time you received the item.
Return items must be sent to: Tusass Greenland Filatelia, Kvindevadet 42, 5450 Otterup

Exchange of postage stamps
Exchange of postage stamps Tusass Greenland Filatelia will only exchange unused postage stamps for new stamps from our sale list, by your choice. A maximum of 3 free annual exchanges to a maximum of DKK 100.00 per customer are permitted. Where the total annual value exceeds 3 x DKK 100.00, Tusass Greenland, Filatelia will charge a fee of 45% of the nominal value. The 45% fee is always payable in cash. The cash payment cannot be replaced by other postage stamps. The maximum annual exchange of unused stamps per customer must not exceed DKK 50,000 in nominal value. In case we suspect abuse of the exchange scheme we reserve the right to reject the exchange order.

One-year time limit for complaints
Any complaints about stamps or philatelic items that you have been sent by Tusass Greenland, must have been received by Tusass Greenland, Filatelia no later than a year from the last day of the month in which the items were sent. The date on the postmark or an invoice date indicates the date of dispatch

Tusass Greenland Filatelia makes reservations for tax changes, pricing and proofing errors, technical errors, sold-out items and force majeure, including labor conflict and deficiencies in or delays from subcontractors.