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Street art in Greenland III - First day cancellation - Block of four upper marginal

No. 01104755+6-4
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Street art in Greenland III. First day cancellation block of four upper marginal 4 x 2 values. For many years, the inhabitants of such towns as Sisimiut have desired the embellishment of rock walls and gables. In recent years this desire has been realised in Greenland's second-largest town. Miki Jacobsen, who has previously adorned many buildings with his works of art, grew up in Sisimiut. There are many good reasons why Tusass contacted him last year to have his stunning gable murals incorporated into the ongoing Tusass stamp series 'Street Art in Greenland'. The stamps are printed in offset on self-adhesive paper. Face value / post office price: 192 DKK. Date of issue: 28th August 2023

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