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2019 Stamp Programme


As usual we will be issuing 24 new stamps over the course of the year, but only four souvenir sheets and, for the first time since 2008, we are reducing the price of our Year Pack.
One final change is that we have stopped issuing mini sheets. The two mini sheets we issued about a year ago are, therefore, the last ones of their kind.

21st January 2019
The Salvation Army in Greenland is considered a most worthy beneficiary of the proceeds from the sale of this year’s additional value-stamp. Maria Panínguak’ Kjærulff is the artist who created this stamp design. As always, this annual stamp will be issued as a full sheet, a souvenir sheet and in a beautiful souvenir folder.
There are also Arctic deserts in Greenland. This phenomenon is illustrated on two attractive stamps, the first of which will be issued on 21st January. Pierre Auzias from Uummannaq is the creator of this stamp issue, which is printed in offset.
Naja Rosing-Asvid’s informative series about ’Greenland during the Second World War – as seen by Greenlanders’ is now up to the fourth of its five issues. The two new stamps in this series are printed in combined offset and laser etching. Once again, Martin Mörck is the artist undertaking the engraving. Both stamps will also be issued in an attractive souvenir folder.
In 2017 we began our series entitled ’Abandoned Stations in Greenland’. Artists Sissi Møller and Lisbeth Karline have now each created a beautiful design that are being reproduced on the final two stamps in the series. Both stamps are printed in offset.
Martin Mörck’s attractive series about ‘Fish in Greenlandic Waters’ continues with two more stamps. These stamps will also be printed in offset.

21st June 2019
’Old Greenlandic Banknotes’, illustrated by Bertil Skov Jørgensen, is another series that will be continued in 2019, in the format of another two stamps, to be issued as both full sheets and souvenir sheets. Combined offset and laser etching will yet again be chosen for the printing.
The year’s EUROPA stamp theme is ’National Birds’. Naja Abelsen is excellent at depicting animal images. Therefore, she was entrusted with the task of drawing these stamp designs, which will be printed in offset and produced as full sheets plus as a self-adhesive booklet containing six of each of the two EUROPA stamps.
Our Definitive series depicting Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark will continue with another value. Martin Mörck’s striking portrait of our Queen, based on a photograph taken by Court Photographer Steen Brogaard, will be printed in combined laser etching and offset.
’Old Residential Houses’ is the theme chosen for this year’s Sepac series. The small European postal operators’ network therefore continues its stamp issuing collaboration to allow collectors to obtain all of the year’s Sepac stamps in one special folder. This will be released in September. The artist who will design POST Greenland’s 2019 stamp in this series will be announced at a later date.
On two previous occasions, we have issued postage stamps to commemorate the inclusion of areas of Greenland on Unesco’s world heritage list. We are now continuing this tradition, as Unesco last year added the nature area of Aasivissiut-Nipisat in western Greenland to this same prestigious list. Julie Edel Hardenberg has created the beautiful image that adorns this stamp. It will be printed in offset.
In 2009 Greenland became self-governing. We are, therefore, commemorating the tenth anniversary of Greenlandic self-rule with a special stamp, created by highly-regarded artist Aka Høegh. The stamp will be issued on 21st June, our national holiday.

10th August 2019
The UN international day of the world’s indigenous peoples is commemorated each year on this date. In 2019 we shall celebrate this special day with another stamp. We look forward to announcing, at a later date, which artist will be creating the design. The stamp will be printed in offset and issued by subscription on 21st October.

9th October 2019
We shall be commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first International Post Day established by UPU - the Universal Postal Union - with a creatively designed stamp. This will be designed by multi-artist Miki Jacobsen. This stamp will also be printed in offset and issued by subscription on 21st October.

21st October 2019
The next two stamps in our series about ’The Environment in Greenland’ will be created by a Greenlandic artist who has never previously designed a postage stamp and we look forward to revealing the identity of the artist at a later date. As with the previous four stamps in this series, these latest stamps will be printed in offset on self-adhesive paper. Both stamps will be issued as full sheets.
Coal bag tags played an interesting role in twentieth century Greenland. We look forward to expounding upon this historic theme, which Miki Jacobsen has so beautifully interpreted in two stamps to be released on this date. Both stamps will be printed in offset and issued as full sheets.
Our two 2019 Christmas postage stamps depict two classic themes, but in a new way. We very much look forward to revealing the secret during the Autumn. For the same reason, the name of the artist will also remain secret until the stamps are launched.
As always, the stamp year will be rounded off with our popular Year Pack, which will contain all 24 postage stamps and all four miniature sheets. As mentioned in the introduction, we shall be reducing the price of this popular collectors’ item for the first time since 2008.