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2017 Stamp Programme

By Per Svendsen, CEO, POST Greenland

Ukiortaami pilluaritsi – Happy New Year! I hope that you, your family and friends have entered upon the new year in a good way.

I am happy to introduce the 22 new stamps, which will be issued by POST Greenland this year. Carrying on the permanent tradition, the stamps will be divided into three issues: one in January, one in May, and one in October.

23rd January 2017
”Greenland during the Second World War” is the title of our new big series, which began almost three months ago. Naja Rosing-Asvid is the woman, who will show us the world war from the perspective of the Greenlandic people by means of ten stamp images issued until 2020. We have come to the fourth stamp in the series, which will be issued in normal sheets and printed in combined offset and laser engraving. The engraving of the entire series is created by the legendary Martin Mörck.

Music plays an important part in Greenland’s culture and history. Every year, 10-15 CDs with Greenlandic music are released. It is therefore natural that we dedicate a whole series to Greenlandic music. Camilla Nielsen, who will be known to several of our collectors from earlier stamps, has created a total of six beautiful images reflecting the Greenlandic music through six different eras. The stamps will be issued in normal sheets and printed in offset.

Since 1992, the multi-faceted artist Miki Jacobsen has enriched us with his stamp art. Last year, we issued the three first stamps in the series ”Sports in Greenland” created by Miki. On the 23rd of January, we will round off the sports series with the last three stamps illustrating another three big annual sporting events in Greenland. The printing method is offset, and the stamps will be issued in both normal sheets and souvenir sheets.

1st May 2017
The additional value stamp of the year will be sold for the benefit of Kofoed’s School, which recently opened a branch in Nuuk. The concept of the school in Nuuk is similar to the concept of the original school in Copenhagen. This means that Kofoed’s School in Nuuk helps socially deprived people to improve their lives. The stamp will be issued in both normal sheets and souvenir sheets – and will be sent to our subscribers on 15th May. The artist Niels ”Mo” Motzfeldt is the man behind the design.

15th May 2017
Since 1995, Buuti Pedersen has created stamps for POST Greenland. She is the woman and the artist behind our two 2017 EUROPA stamps. The common theme in Post- Europ is castles. We are looking forward to revealing how Buuti solves this artistic task in a Greenlandic context by means of these two stamps. They will be issued in normal sheets and mini sheets, printed on gummed paper, and also in a self-adhesive stamp booklet.

”Deserted stations” is the title of a new series, which focuses on the history told by the deserted facilities and stations around Greenland today. In order to tell the story about the deserted stations on stamps, we have co-operated with the National Museum and Archives of Greenland, among others, and various artists. The stamps will be issued in normal sheets and printed in offset.

Another new series is ”Old bank notes”. In the beginning of the twentieth century, special bank notes were used by the Royal Greenland Trading Department (in Danish: Den Kongelige Grønlandske Handel – KGH). These were made by means of lithography and used at the trade locations in Greenland. Bertil Skov Jørgensen is the artist, who has drawn and engraved this series. The stamps will be printed in combined offset and laser engraving and issued in normal sheets and souvenir sheets.

The Sepac stamp of the year is issued in accordance with the theme ”Local handcraft”. In 2017, the 13 members of Sepac (Small European Postal Administration Cooperations) will issue stamps in this series – with the same common theme. At the time of writing, the artist of this stamp has not been selected by POST Greenland. As always, our Sepac stamp will be issued in normal sheets and printed in offset.

On 10th June 2017, our royal couple will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. We will mark this anniversary with a large and beautiful offset stamp. Further details of this stamp will be released in the spring, when the issue is approaching. The stamp will be issued in normal sheets and souvenir sheets.

27th October 2017
The French Southern and Antarctic Lands (in French: ”Terres australes et antarctiques françaises” – TAAF) have a flora and fauna, which are very similar to those of Greenland. We will mark this with two beautiful stamps in a joint issue with the postal administration of TAFF. Both stamps, which will be issued in normal sheets and souvenir sheets, are drawn and engraved by Martin Mörck. The printing method is combined offset and laser engraving.

The young artist Ivínguak’ Stork Høegh will make her stamp début with two stamps in the new series ”Environment in Greenland”. She was born in Aasiaat in 1982 and has, among other things, made her mark with digital photo collages, acrylic and mixed media techniques. The stamps will be printed in offset and issued in normal sheets.

Unlike Ivínguak’, Julie Hardenberg has drawn stamps for several years. The two Christmas stamps of the year are created by this established artist and writer, whose name is known abroad. In keeping with tradition, the Christmas stamps will both be issued in normal sheets, printed on gummed paper and issued in a self-adhesive stamp booklet.

Also true to tradition, the stamp year will be rounded off with the year pack containing all 22 stamps and five souvenir sheets. It is my wish that you will enjoy our stamps in 2017.


Stamp Programme 2017