Nordia 2017

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02/11/2017 - 17:00
Nordia 2017

POST Greenland participated in the biggest annual Nordic Stamp Exhibition, 27th to 29th October

This year’s Nordia Exhibition was held in Vejle, Denmark. Nordia is being held on turn in the five biggest Nordic countries, and this year Denmark hosted the event. Vejle Stamp Club and the Danish Philatelic Federation had made marvellous preparations.

POST Greenland’s stand attracted much attention. The longest queues were seen on the opening day, Friday 27th October. The attention was caused by a joint issue between POST Greenland and TAAF, The French Antarctic Territories. Both postal admins issued the same stamp designs on their particular stamps. Many collectors therefore acquired these new stamps from both postal admins, and many collectors had them signed by the stamp artist himself, the legendary Norwegian illustrator and engraver, Martin Mörck.

Development Manager for POST Greenland, Allan Pertti Frandsen, says:
- Martin Mörck is a true friend to Greenland, a country he is most familiar with. To this date he has created more than one hundred stamps for us, and over five hundred more for postal admins across the world. Therefore, he really drew a crowd. Our sales of this joint issue exceeded all expectations. Consequently, we had to obtain an extra stock from our office in Copenhagen overnight. In this way we were just able to meet the demands from all the collectors.

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