Stamp Issue 21st June 2019

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25/06/2019 - 14:00
Frimærkeudgivelse 21. juni 2019
New stamps from POST Greenland
I On this past Friday, 21st June 2019, we issued eight new stamps and one new stamp booklet.
We continued the series ’Old Greenlandic Banknotes’ illustrated by Bertil Skov Jørgensen. Two new stamps issued in both sheets of 10 and souvenir sheets.
The theme of this year’s EUROPA stamps is ’National Birds’. Naja Abelsen is excellent at drawing animal images and was, therefore, entrusted with the task of drawing these stamps. The stamps are printed in offset and issued in sheets of ten and in a self-adhesive booklet with six of each of the two EUROPA stamps. Download a free app, scan the stamps and hear the birdsong of the birds that are depicted. Read more in the new edition of our Greenland Collector magazine
Our definitive series showing Her Majesty the Queen’s portrait was expanded with one new additional denomination. Martin Mörck’s beautiful portrait of our Queen based on a photo by court photographer Steen Brogaard, is printed in combined laser engraving and offset.
‘Old residential buildings’ is the common theme of this year’s Sepac stamp series. The network of small European postal services thereby continues its cooperation within stamps. POST Greenland’s 2019 Sepac stamp features the missionary Poul Egede’s house, built in 1751 in the settlement of Ilimanaq. The stamp is printed in offset.
On two previous occasions, in 2005 and 2018, we have issued stamps to celebrate the areas in Greenland that were included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We now continue the tradition, since UNESCO last admitted the West Greenland nature reserve Aasivissiut-Nipisat to this distinguished list. Julie Edel Hardenberg has created the beautiful design that adorns the stamp, which is printed in offset.
Ten years of Self-Government

In 2009 Self-Government was introduced in Greenland. We mark the 10th anniversary of Greenlandic Self-Government with a beautiful stamp by the highly acclaimed artist Aka Høegh. We were proud to issue this stamp on Greenland’s National Day, on the actual day of the 10th anniversary. This stamp is also printed in offset.


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