POST Greenland wishes our Regent Couple all the best on their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 10th June 2017

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09/06/2017 - 16:00
OST Greenland √łnsker vores regentpar hjerteligt tillykke med guldbrylluppet den 10. juni 2017

POST Greenland wishes our Regent Couple all the best on their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 10th June 2017

On 10th June 2017, our highly beloved royal couple will be able to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. POST Greenland, Posta Faroe Islands and PostNord Danmark are happy to be able to mark this royal golden wedding anniversary with this joint issue in the Realm. Thus, each of the three postal services will issue a beautiful souvenir sheet with the same portrait photo of the royal couple. The souvenir sheet is made by the artist Jakob Monefeldt after a photo taken by Torben Eskerod.

POST Greenland has also chosen to issue the stamp in normal sheets of 20 stamps each and in an elegant souvenir folder, which we made very similar to the folder design very kindly made available to us by our North Atlantic colleagues from Posta Faroe Islands.

When Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik were married 50 years ago, the wedding festivities lasted approximately two weeks. They met in London in 1965, when Queen Margrethe was studying at the London School of Economics. Two years later – on 10th June 1967 – the Danish Heir Apparent to the Danish throne, Princess Margrethe of Denmark, married her French diplomat, Count Henri de Monpezat. The wedding ceremony took place in the church ”Holmens Kirke” in Copenhagen. The couple travelled to London and Istanbul for their honeymoon, whereas the Faroe Islands and Greenland were the next travel destinations for the newly married couple.

57 years ago, The Queen had, however, already visited Greenland for the first time. Here, in her capacity as Heir Apparent to the Danish throne, she attended, among other things, the opening of the school ”Prinsesse Margrethe Skolen” in Upernavik. This took place on 12th June 1960. The Queen was only 20 years old at the time. Since then, there have been many visits to Greenland – from 1967 in the company of her husband, who became known as Prince Henrik in both Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland after the wedding in 1967.

Later on, when the couple had Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim and soon brought them along to Greenland, the entire royal family was surrounded by warmth and joy everywhere where they appeared in the vast northern country. The Queen and The Prince Consort were thus following in the footsteps of The Queen’s father and paternal grandfather, King Frederik IX and King Christian X, who had also visited Greenland. Thereby, the warm bonds between the royal family and Greenland were established and strengthened, and they still exist today. And the feelings are mutual. Everywhere in Greenland, The Queen, The Prince Consort, The Crown Prince, The Crown Princess and their children are met with great warmth and enthusiasm during every visit. Because The Queen is and will remain the Greenlanders’ Queen Margrethe, The Prince Consort is and will remain the Greenlanders’ Prince Henrik, and the entire royal family is also the Greenlanders’ royal family.

During the royal couple’s many visits to Greenland, Prince Henrik has over the years acquired beautiful Greenlandic objects of art. ”They are objects that I have collected for almost 50 years. I regularly visit Greenland and discovered the country in 1967, when I got married”, a clearly happy Prince Henrik said at an exhibition in France in August 2015.

The royal couple’s latest cruise to Greenland took place in the summer of 2015, where it became a new festive occasion for the people. In Greenland, we are also looking forward to the celebration of our beloved royal couple’s golden wedding anniversary on 10th June 2017. Long live Her Majesty and His Royal Highness!

POST Greenland wishes our Regent Couple all the best on their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 10th June 2017


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