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25/11/2016 - 10:20
TELE-POST donerer 150.000 kr til hjemløse

The total additional value accumulated through the sale of our 2014 charity stamp genrated DKK 150,000 for a good cause.

This sum of money was split into two and donated to two homless organisations in Nuuk, Capital of Greenland. The donation took place on this past Thursday 24th November 2016 at a meeting in Nuuk's TELE-POST Center.

The two homeless organisations NoIni and Café Kialaarfik / Overnight Lodging were most pleased to receive the dontations and expressed great joy and enthusiasm. In addition, homless citizen Hans Peter Ananiassen thanked POST Greenland for this initiative that will befinefit him and other homeless people. Hans Peter made a most impressive speech that moved everyone in the room.

One of the goals for our society and our country must be to eliminate homlessness altogether. This is a common job that we must all contribute to fulfilling. POST Greenland extends much gratitude to all the people who purchased this additional value stamp and made this donation possible.

The stamp was drawn by the artist Niels "Mo" Motzfeldt

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