New Stamps on 15th of May 2017

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08/05/2017 - 15:15
Udgivelse 15. maj 2017

Stamps issue on 15th of May 2017

EUROPA-stamps, Abondoned stations, Old bank notes, Local handcraft og golden wedding anniversary.

Since 1995, Buuti Pedersen has created stamps for POST Greenland. She is the woman and the artist behind our two 2017 EUROPA-stamps. The common theme in PostEurop is castles. We are looking forward to revealing how Buuti solves this artistic task in a Greenlandic context by means of these two stamps. They will be issued in normal sheets and mini sheets, printed on gummed paper, and also in a self-adhesive stamp booklet.

”Abandoned stations” is the title of a new series, which focuses on the history told by the deserted facilities and stations around Greenland today. In order to tell the story about the deserted stations on stamps, we have co-operated with the National Museum and Archives of Greenland, among others, and various artists. The stamps will be issued in normal sheets and printed in offset.

Another new series is ”Old bank notes”. In the beginning of the twentieth century, special bank notes were used by the Royal Greenland Trading Department (in Danish: Den Kongelige Grønlandske Handel – KGH). These were made by means of lithography and used at the trade locations in Greenland. Bertil Skov Jørgensen is the artist, who has drawn and engraved this series. The stamps will be printed in combined offset and laser engraving and issued in normal sheets and souvenir sheets.

The Sepac stamp of the year is issued in accordance with the theme ”Local handcraft”. In 2017, the 13 members of Sepac (Small European Postal Administration Cooperations) will issue stamps in this series – with the same common theme. As always, our Sepac stamp will be issued in normal sheets and printed in offset.

On 10th June 2017, our highly beloved royal couple will be able to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. POST Greenland, Posta Faroe Islands and PostNord Danmark are happy to be able to mark this royal golden wedding anniversary with this joint issue in the Realm. Thus, each of the three postal services will issue a beautiful souvenir sheet with the same portrait photo of the royal couple. The souvenir sheet is made by the artist Jakob Monefeldt after a photo taken by Torben Eskerod.

POST Greenland has also chosen to issue the stamp in normal sheets of 20 stamps each and in an elegant souvenir folder, which we made very similar to the folder design very kindly made available to us by our North Atlantic colleagues from Posta Faroe Islands.


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