New stamps from TELE-POST on October 19th

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02/10/2015 - 10:40
The last stamp issue in 2015 commence with four stamps in the new series “Greenlandic architecture” for the Greenlandic culture and identity. Naja Rosing-Asvid has painted the four designs in the series. The stamps will be issued in normal complete sheets, in two Souvenir Sheets and in one Souvenir folder.

Two new stamps in a new series “Renewable energy” will be issued on the same day. The designs have been made by Miki Jacobsen. The stamps will be issued in complete sheets, in one Souvenir Sheet and in one Souvenir folder.

As it is our tradition, two Greenlandic Christmas stamps will be issued as both stamps on gummed paper and in a self-adhesive booklet. Christian Fleischer Rex is the artist who has created the Christmas stamp-images.

Finally, the 2015 stamp year is closed with the Year Pack, in which all the Greenlandic stamps and Souvenir Sheets are included.