FINLANDIA 2017, Tampere, 24. – 28. May

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01/06/2017 - 15:15
Finland Filatelia messe 2017


Greenlandic stamps strengthen international friendships

As an appropriate celebration of the 100th anniversary of an independent Finland, this year's biggest European stamp exhibition was held in the Land of a Thousand Lakes. "FINLANDIA 2017" took place from 24th through 28th May in the country's third biggest city, Tampere. Thousands of stamp collectors, mostly Europeans, streamed to the exhibition, where POST Greenland also participated.

The vast majority of the collectors who made the way to POST Greenland’s stand during the show were Finns. Several of them turned out to be steady customers with POST Greenland. However, also German, Swedish and American collectors had made to trip to Tampere. In that way it was clear that stamps still play an important role for many people who are curious about life and other cultures.

POST Greenland was successful in offering the collectors the latest Greenlandic stamps from 2017, as well as a selection of our most popular issues from 2013 to 2016. In addition, POST Greenland carried many good orders back home.

"Overall, it was most rewarding," says Development Manager for Stamps at POST Greenland, Allan Pertti Frandsen, and he continues:

"The fact that stamps also mean cultural exchange between people was once again emphasized. Consequently, the exhibition had barely opened before a local Russian-language TV station asked for a filmed interview with us to hear about the role of stamp collecting in general and what the Greenlandic stamps can tell about the country they originate from."

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