Final Sale until 30th June 2017

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28/06/2017 - 15:00
slutsalg 2017

The following stamps and philatelic products will be removed from our product range on 30th June 2017, if they have not previously been sold out. Any remaining stocks will be shredded.

ProductTitleItem No.Issue DateValue
Stamp01100438Contemporary Art IV 3/30110043818.01.2010DKK 50,00
Stamp0110052075th anniversary0110052017.09.2013DKK 20,00
Stamp01100545Expedition XII 1/20110054520.10.2014DKK 9,00
Stamp01100546Expedition XII 2/20110054620.10.2014DKK 30,50
Stamp01100551Life of Sealers II 2/20110055119.01.2015DKK 19,00
Stamp01100553Regional Greenlandic Songs II 2/20110055319.01.2015DKK 49,00
Stamp01100556Minedrift VI 2/20110055619.01.2015DKK 18,50
Stamp01100558EUROPA 2015 1/20110055813.05.2015DKK 12,50
Stamp01100559EUROPA 2015 2/20110055913.05.2015DKK 14,00
Stamp01100560Aviation V 1/30110056013.05.2015DKK 1,00
Stamp01100561Aviation V 2/30110056113.05.2015DKK 34,50
Stamp01100562Aviation V 3/30110056213.05.2015DKK 45,00
Stamp01100565Sepac "Pearls of Europe"0110056513.05.2015DKK 11,00
Stamp01100566Greenlandic architecture I 1/20110056619.10.2015DKK 2,00
Stamp01100567Greenlandic architecture I 2/20110056719.10.2015DKK 33,50
Stamp01100568Greenlandic architecture II 1/20110056819.10.2015DKK 10,00
Stamp01100569Greenlandic architecture II 2/20110056919.10.2015DKK 26,00
Stamp01100570Renewable energy 1/20110057019.10.2015DKK 13,50
Stamp01100571Renewable energy 2/20110057119.10.2015DKK 37,50
Stamp01100572Christmas 2015 1/20110057219.10.2015DKK 11,00
Stamp01100573Christmas 2015 2/20110057319.10.2015DKK 10,00
Stamp Booklet01301223Stamp Booklet No. 230130122313.05.2015DKK 159,00
Stamp Booklet01301120Christmas Stamp Booklet No. 200130112019.10.2015DKK 141,00
Souvenir Folder01303068Ekspedition XII0130306820.10.2014DKK 39,50
Souvenir Folder01303070Sepac 20150130307015.09.2015DKK 120,00
Year Pack01304013Year Pack 20130130401321.10.2013DKK 567,50


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