Filatelia: 25 years located in Greenland

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16/09/2014 - 15:00

In 1989 a policy decision was made to move Filatelia from Copenhagen to Tasiilaq. The location move therefore occurred five years before the rest of POST Greenland was brought home.

On 1st September 1989 20 local people were employed to handle the production and the distribution at Filatelia in Tasiilaq.

With the furniture on the way by ship from Denmark the employees’ first task was to choose the office décor. Two of those employees are Karé and Orpa who, on Monday 1st September 2014, celebrated their 25th anniversary. They were among those original 20 employees who were involved in the start-up of Filatelia in Tasiilaq.

In the first year it was only the production and distribution part of Filatelia that was moved to Greenland. In the following year the customer service team arrived - a handful of service personnel from Denmark. They were joined by more new colleagues and became part of the beautiful East Greenlandic society living in Tasiilaq.


It's a long way from Copenhagen to Tasiilaq

Yes, it is a long way from the asphalted runways in Copenhagen, with its myriad of flights and arrivals, to the East coast of Greenland, which is one of the most inaccessible places in the world - experiencing extreme weather conditions and great ice masses.

Logistically, the transportation of mail to and from Tasiilaq is a big challenge. Various factors are crucial and this is apart from the difficulty of the extreme weather conditions and the limited number of flights, especially in wintertime. So, posting the mail in this part of the world is not always as fast and as efficient as one would wish.


Nature is powerful

In Kulusuk the mail, freight and passengers all have to transfer to a helicopter to fly them on the last part of the route to Tasiilaq. The trip only takes ten minutes. Nevertheless, delays also occur at this stage. Despite the short distance, there may be huge weather differences between Kulusuk and Tasiilaq, which may mean that the last ten minutes will be the most time consuming part of the long journey from the outside world to Tasiilaq.

No matter how challenging it can be to be controlled by these sometimes extreme conditions, TELE-POST is proud to be based in our small community in East Greenland.

It is a very long way to Tasiilaq - but the mail will arrive and depart again.

By Hjørdis Viberg.