DKK 150.000 to Meeqqat Inuunerissut

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26/10/2015 - 13:00

P R E S S  R E L E A S E

TELE-POST donates the profit from the sale of a postage stamp with added value to the voluntary association 'Meeqqat Inuunerissut / Bedre Børneliv'  (Better Life for Children)

Allan Pertti Frandsen, Philatelic Manager of TELE-POST, has handed over a check on behalf of the TELE-POST to 'Meeqqat Inuunerissut / Bedre Børneliv' (MIBB) of DKK 150.000. The money comes from the sale of a postage stamp with added value, which was issued in 2013. The stamp, which was designed by the artist Nikolaj Andersen Olsvig, has been for sale for two years.

Philatelic Manager Allan Pertti Frandsen says:  “It's great that we can support MIBB working for children's rights. The association is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Children. By collaboration between organizations, companies, public institutions and the citizens, we can work together to make a better life for all children in Greenland.”

 “The association MIBB makes a magnificent work for children's rights, and the association is an extremely worthy recipient of the profits from the sale of the additional value stamp from 2013” says Allan Pertti Frandsen.

The association MIBB was formed after a large demonstration in November 2007 under the slogan 'Meeqqat Inuunerissut / Bedre Børneliv' (Better Life for Children). The organizers of the demonstration, which spread to a number of towns in Greenland, demanded that society and, not least the elected representatives, daily took the part of the children and had more focus on the conditions of children in Greenland. In the years 2012-15 MIBB launched the extensive project 'Kuseriarnerup siaruarneratut – Som ringe i vandet' (Like rings in the water), which was financed by the Villum Foundation. Now MIBB is going to develop their next project.

The chairman of MIBB, Katrine H. Nathanielsen, says: “It is a great help and a great encouragement that TELE-POST donates the profit from the sale of the stamp to us. Now that our major project 'Som ringe i vandet' (Like rings in the water) is completed, we start to develop and seek support for our next project. It requires many resources, because we are a volunteer board of directors. TELE-POSTs donation gives us a number of opportunities which we otherwise would not have.”

For further information, please contact the Philatelic Manager Allan Pertti Frandsen, mobile phone +299 59 87 55 or and/or chairman of MIBB, Katrine Hjelholt Nathanielsen, on or mobile +299 56 23 79.