75th birthday of HM the Queen on a Greenlandic stamp

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15/04/2015 - 13:00

Press release

Today TELE-POST issues a large, commemorative stamp on the occasion of Her Majesty the Queen’s 75th birthday.

There is a genuine and sincere bond between the royal house and the people of Greenland. The bond is very deep. The first time the Queen visited Greenland was in 1960 in the capacity as the heir to the Throne. Since then, the Queen has made countless visits to Greenland all with joy and mutual respect.

Besides the orphanage in Tasiilaq, Princess Margaret School in Upernavik was also named after our regent. The well-being of Greenlandic children holds a very special place in the Queen’s heart; she is patron of the Association of Greenlandic children.

Due to the above mentioned interests and connections, there are obvious reasons why the Queen and the rest of the royal house are and will continue to be a natural focal point for modern Greenland.

To celebrate Her Majesty, TELE-POST issues on 16th April, the day of her birthday, a large commemorative stamp depicting Her Majesty wearing Greenlandic national costume.


For further information, please contact the Philatelic Manager Allan Pertti Frandsen, mobile phone +299 59 87 55 or