2018 Stamp Programme

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20/01/2018 - 22:00
Frimærkeprogram 2018

P r e s s   R e l e a s e

2018 Stamp Programme


Through eighty years all kinds of Greenlandic postage stamps have been issued. In 2018 we shall issue 24 more. True to tradition, issues will be divided into three subscriptions: One in January, one in May and one in October. We bring the year 2018 to a close with our popular year pack, which contains all 24 postage stamps and six souvenir sheets.


22nd January 2018

·         We complete Miki Jacobsen’s attractive sports series with three stamps that each present a view of the special Dene Games or Inuit Games, which are popular here in the Arctic region. These offset-printed stamps will be issued as full sheets and a souvenir sheet.

·         Once again, Buuti Pedersen is the lady artist who has created our two EUROPA stamps. Bridges are 2018’s common PostEurop theme, and we have bridges in Greenland too. POST Greenland’s EUROPA stamps will be issued as full sheets and mini sheets printed on gummed paper, and also in a self-adhesive booklet.

·         Gukki Nuka is a creative artist who is making his stamp debut with two stamps in the ‘Environment in Greenland’ series. He was born in 1965, grew up in Uummannaq and lives in Copenhagen. Gukki Nuka’s art is a clear and very carefully designed meeting of Greenlandic and Danish culture, executed according to the Scandinavian design tradition. The two stamps will be offset printed on self-adhesive paper and will be issued as full sheets.

·         Last year we began our ‘abandoned stations’ series, which focuses on the stories, told today, by the facilities found at Greenland’s deserted stations. Painter Sissi Møller has created the year’s two stamps in this series. These offset-printed stamps will be issued as full sheets.


16th April 2018

·         This year’s additional value stamp will be sold on behalf of the Greenlandic Children’s Association. The design was created by Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark, who is the patron of the association. This is the first time that Her Majesty has created the design for a Greenlandic stamp. The additional value stamp will be issued on Her Majesty’s birthday as full sheets, a souvenir sheet and in an attractive souvenir folder. This will be sent out to subscribers on 25th May.


25th May 2018

·         The eight Nordic postal services continue the popular Nordic series, which is issued every two years. The common stamp theme for 2018 is ‘Fish found in Nordic waters’. POST Greenland’s contribution is two attractive stamps, created by the legendary Martin Mörck.

·         Another series that was launched last year is ‘Old Greenlandic banknotes’. Bertil Skov Jørgensen is continuing the series he has been working on which, for another couple of years, will again depict insights into this historically interesting form of payment. The stamps will once again be printed in combined offset and intaglio and will be issued as full sheets and souvenir sheets.

·         The theme for this year’s Sepac stamps is ‘Spectacular views’. For 2018, all twelve members of Sepac, the network for small European postal operators, have chosen to release stamps in this popular series. At the time of writing, the artist for this stamp has not yet been commissioned by POST Greenland. As always, our Sepac stamps will be issued as offset-printed full sheets.

·         On Saturday 26th May 2018, our Crown Prince will be fifty years old. POST Greenland will be celebrating this milestone with an excellent portrait stamp, based on a photograph by court photographer Steen Brogaard. The stamp will be issued as full sheets and as a souvenir sheet.


22nd October 2018

·         UNESCO has recently added the agricultural and the cultural landscape of Southern Greenland to its World Heritage List. This is only the second time that this great honour has been achieved in Greenland. We celebrate this with a commemorative stamp by highly esteemed artist Aka Høegh, who has lived and worked in Southern Greenland for decades.

·         Music has a significant position in the culture and history of Greenland. Artist Camilla Nielsen has created a total of six beautiful designs, which reflect six eras in Greenlandic musical history. The final three stamps in this series will be issued on this date. These offset-printed stamps will be issued as full sheets.

·         ‘Greenland during the Second World War’ is the title of our large series that began in 2016. Until 2020, Naja Rosing-Asvid will depict the Second World War, as viewed through the eyes of the people of Greenland. We are now up to the fifth and sixth stamps in the series, which are issued as full sheets, printed in combined offset and intaglio. The engraving work for this entire series was created by Martin Mörck.

·         This year’s two Christmas postage stamps will be created by an artist whose name will be revealed later this year. True to tradition, the Christmas stamps will be issued as full sheets, printed on gummed paper, and in a self-adhesive booklet.