Stamp programme 2023

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This year we are issuing 24 stamps, in four subscription shipments.

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The dates of issue are:

The 27th February 2023:

On 27th February, we will issue two more stamps in the School Savings Coupons stamp series. Once again Nina Spore Kreutzmann has created the superb designs based on Alex Secher's delightful originals from 1957. On the same day we will complete the series about Greenlandic ghost stories. We are achieving this with designs created by Martin Brandt Hansen and Ágúst Kristinsson. Finally, we are completing the series about Greenlandic feature films. This will be marked with reproductions of two intriguing film posters from genres which were ground-breaking in Greenland back then. All six stamps are printed in offset and issued in sheets of 10 identical stamps.

The 15th April / 30th May 2023:

15th April 2023 marks 75 years since women in Greenland gained the right to vote and stand for election. This is being celebrated with a beautiful stamp by Ivínguak’ Stork Høegh. Maya Sialuk Jacobsen has also created two eye-catching designs for the theme 'Tattoo Art in Greenland', a series which, on 30th May 2023, will be extended with two more stamps. The common theme for the SEPAC series this year is traditional markets. Bolatta Silis-Høegh has illustrated this theme beautifully on a stamp.

The theme of PostEurop's popular EUROPA series in 2023 is 'Peace – the highest value of humanity'. All postal services that issue a stamp in the series share the same design in this set of two stamps. The common design was created by L. Bos and R. Egilsdottir. Greenland's own design, which adorns the second stamp in the set, was created by young Martin Brandt Hansen. All six stamps from the May shipment will be issued in full sheets of 10 stamps. The two 'tattoo stamps' are also issued in souvenir sheets, while the EUROPA stamps are issued in an attractive stamp booklet printed on self-adhesive paper. The issue date is the 30th May.

The 10th July / 11th and 28th August 2023:

Qeqertarsuaq on Disko Island will celebrate the town's 250th anniversary on 10th July 2023. Georg ’Kiiu’ Olsen, who was born in this charming North Greenlandic town, has created the striking design for this anniversary stamp which is printed in offset and issued in full sheets of 10 stamps.
Astronaut Andreas Mogensen's forthcoming ESA space flight will be celebrated on 11th August with an attractive souvenir sheet and a beautiful souvenir folder. This will be accomplished in a joint issue with Posta Faroe Islands.

Lisbeth Karline has very creatively crafted the first two designs in our new series, 'Everyday Heroes'. Both stamps are printed in offset and will be issued on 28th August. On the same day this year's additional value stamp will be issued in Greenland. The recipient is The Greenlandic Patient Hotel, an institution working under Queen Ingrid's Hospital. As always, the additional value stamp is issued in full sheets, souvenir sheets and an attractive souvenir folder.

On 28th August the series 'Street Art in Greenland’ will continue with two more stamps. They reproduce expansive breath-taking street art in public spaces. Miki Jacobsen is the artist who created the stunning end wall murals in Sisimiut. Both stamps are printed in offset on self-adhesive paper in sheets of 10 identical stamps.
This year's SEPAC souvenir folder with one copy of all this year's SEPAC stamps will also be issued on 28th August.

The 10th and 15th October / 10th November 2023:

We are celebrating the UN World Migratory Bird Day on 10th October with a beautiful stamp illustrated by Ivalo Abelsen. HRH Prince Christian turns 18 years old on 15th October 2023. We look forward to issuing an attractive Greenlandic stamp to mark the occasion. Franne Voigt is the royal photographer. The stamp is printed in offset and issued in full sheets, a souvenir sheet and a stylish souvenir folder.

The 50th anniversary of the first Greenlandic stamp featuring HM The Queen will be marked on 10th November with an elegant prestige booklet, On the same day we are launching an extra definitive series. It will embody striking colour reproductions of the coat of arms of Greenland. The artist behind the design of this supplementary definitive series is Bertil Skov Jørgensen. Both definitive series stamps are issued in full sheets printed in combined laser engraving and offset.

This year's two Greenlandic Christmas stamps have been created by Kristine Spore Kreutzmann. True to tradition, the two Christmas stamps are issued in their respective full sheets of 10 stamps and in a stamp booklet printed on self-adhesive paper. These stamps will also be also issued on 10th November.

As always, the stamp year is rounded off with the Year Pack, which will comprise all 24 stamps and four souvenir sheets from 2023. The 2023 Year Pack will be issued on 10th November.

Please enjoy our Greenlandic stamps in 2023.