Stamp programme 2021

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This year we are issuing 23 stamps, one less than last year, in four subscription shipments.

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The dates of issue are:

22nd February

  • The four Greenlandic centres in Denmark provide a huge amount of work for spreading knowledge of Greenland and for Greenlanders living in Denmark. Therefore, the Greenlandic centres in Aalborg, Århus, Odense and Copenhagen are set to receive the value-added sum from the sale of this year's additional value stamp. Bolatta-Silis Høegh has created the beautiful design and the stamp is issued in full sheets, in a souvenir sheet, and in an attractive souvenir folder.
  • Two more stamps in our series about the historic school savings coupons are issued on the same day. This time the stamps are also designed by Nina Spore Kreutzmann after the 1957 originals by Alex Secher. The stamps appear in their respective full sheets.
  • The fifth part of the series ‘Fish in Greenlandic waters’ by Martin Mörck depicts two very different fish, the Lumpsucker and the Greenland Shark. The stamps appear in full sheets and a souvenir sheet.
  • Finally, we round off Bertil Skov Jørgensen's fascinating series about old Greenlandic banknotes. This stamp is also issued in full sheets and in a souvenir sheet.

8th June

  • ‘Old Maps’ is the common theme of this year’s Sepac series. Nuka K. Godtfredsen has drawn the design for Greenland's 2021 stamp in the series. The stamp is issued in full sheets. The joint Sepac folder will be published in September, true to tradition
  • Ivínguak’ Stork Høegh has created a very imaginative design so that we can mark the UN World Ocean Day, which is celebrated every year on 8th June. This annual UN anniversary is created to raise awareness of the crucial role that the world's oceans play in maintaining life on Earth. The stamp is issued in full sheets.
  • The theme for this year's EUROPA stamps is 'Endangered wildlife'. Miki Jacobsen has created the two beautiful animal designs on the stamps, which are issued in full sheets and in a self-adhesive stamp booklet.

12th August

  • In 2021, legendary C.z. Slania would have turned 100 years old. We mark this with a joint issue in the Unity of the Realm. Each of the three postal admins thus issues a souvenir sheet. Martin Mörck, Slania's successor, has designed and engraved the entire stamp issue, which is printed in intaglio. The engraving was made after a photo by Wayne Chen. The three souvenir sheets will also be available in a joint souvenir folder.

17th September

  • Yet another denomination in our definitive series with Her Majesty the Queen's portrait is issued. As always, it is Martin Mörck who has created the design after a photo by court photographer Steen Brogaard. The stamp is issued in full sheets.
  • Two more Greenlandic feature films will be commemorated on stamps. This is the second issue in the series, where this time we have chosen notable Greenlandic feature films from the 1980s and one from the 1990s, respectively. The stamps are issued in full sheets.
  • The series on Greenlandic ghost stories continues with two more stamps, this time with designs by Maja-Lisa Kehlet and Jonathan Brüsch. These stamps are also issued in their respective full sheets.
  • This year, the Arctic Council turns 25 years old. That we celebrate with a beautiful stamp created by Lisbeth Karline Poulsen. The stamp is issued in full sheets two days before the 25th anniversary itself.

9th November

  • The UN's Sustainable World Goals are also part of Greenland’s reality. We mark this with a beautiful stamp, which is issued in full sheets. After the summer holidays we shall reveal the artist who created the design.
  • ‘Street Art in Greenland’ is the title of a brand new series. In recent years, young artists have decorated buildings and the like around Greenland with their modern art. We mark this with a series of beautiful stamps, the first two of which will be issued on 9th November. In the autumn, we shall unveil the names of the first two artists.
  • This year's two Christmas stamps are designed by Maria Bach Kreutzmann. True to tradition, they are issued in their respective full sheets as well as in a self-adhesive stamp booklet. The stamps have been added to a gimmick, which we look forward to unveiling in the autumn.

We hope you will enjoy our stamps in 2021.