Stamp programme 2020

Read about the stamp programme 2020, here

Once again, we are issuing 24 new stamps and four souvenir sheets. The price of our Year Pack will also be unchanged. We hope you enjoy our stamps in 2020.

28th February 2020: 

  • Artist Sissi Møller has created two adorable stamps for our ‘Environment in Greenland’ series. As with the previous six stamps in this series, these will also be printed in offset on self-adhesive paper. Both stamps will be issued as full sheets.
  • The series about ‘Arctic deserts in Greenland’ will conclude in the finest manner. Naja Abelsen has created this offset-printed stamp.
  • Bertil Skov Jørgensen has once again created a fine-looking stamp that reproduces an old Greenlandic banknote. This is the seventh stamp in the series. The stamp is printed in combined offset and laser etching and is issued as full sheets plus a souvenir sheet.
  • Martin Mörck’s beautiful series about ‘Fish in Greenlandic Waters’ continues with two more stamps. Again, the stamps are offset printed.

16th April 2020:

  • The 80th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark will also be celebrated in Greenland. Internationally renowned artist Aka Høegh has created an incredibly beautiful portrait of our Queen. The stamp will be issued on the actual day of Her Majesty’s 80th birthday. This stamp will also be included in our 18th May subscription shipment.

5th May 2020:

  • We celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the famous ’American’ series with an impressive- looking souvenir sheet that will be issued on Denmark’s Liberation Day. This souvenir sheet will be sent out to subscribers on 18th May.

18th May 2020:

  • We conclude Naja Rosing-Asvid’s notable series about ’Greenland during the Second World War – as seen by Greenlanders’. The final two stamps in the series are printed in combined offset and laser etching. Once again, Martin Mörck created the engraving. Both stamps will also be issued in an attractive souvenir folder.
  • ’Artwork in the National Collection’ is the common theme of this year’s Sepac series. The network of small European postal operators continues their stamp collaboration, in which all the year’s Sepac stamps are collected in a common folder to be issued in September.
  • Stamps in the joint Nordic ’Norden’ series will be issued for the last time. POST Greenland’s two 2020 stamps in this series have been created by creative multi-artist Miki Jacobsen. The theme of this issue is mammals.

10th August 2020: 

  • In Greenland the first day of school is a very special event for the whole family. Artist Lisbeth Karline has produced a beautiful depiction of this very special day on an offset-printed stamp. This stamp will be included in our 14th September subscription shipment.
  • 2020 Additional Value Stamp: Greenland’s fight against Covid-19. The Greenlandic health service has been selected as the recipient of this year’s surcharge. The young artist Paarma Olsvig Brandt is hereby making her stamp debut. She does so with a creative interpretation of this theme, which has become a global challenge. This stamp and souvenir sheet will be included in our 14th September subscription shipment.

14th September 2020: 

  • Denmark’s four Greenlandic Culture Houses do a lot of valuable work. The Greenlandic Culture Houses have, therefore, been designated as the recipients of the proceeds from the sale of our 2020 additional value stamp. Bolatta Silis-Høegh has created an excellent design for this stamp, which will be issued as full sheets, a souvenir sheet and as an attractive souvenir folder.
  • This year’s EUROPA stamp theme is ’Ancient postal routes’. On one of his flights via Greenland, legendary Charles Lindbergh also acted as postman. This subject has been reproduced on two stamps, which will be offset printed and issued as full sheets and as a self-adhesive booklet containing six of each of the two EUROPA stamps.
  • Savings stamps played an interesting role in twentieth century Greenland. The first two stamps in a new series about this historic theme are graphically designed by Nina S. Kreutzmann.

6th November 2020:

  • Greenlandic movies have enthused audiences worldwide for decades. We are, therefore, dedicating a whole series of stamps to this interesting theme. We start with two classic films, which are still well worth watching.
  • ’Ghost stories in Greenland’ is another new series that will appear in 2020. The name of the artist creating the entire series will be published this autumn. We start with two stamps and very much look forward to issuing them.
  • In 2018, our Christmas stamps had fragrances of cinnamon and pine. In 2019, they had special lighting effects applied. Work is also underway to make our Christmas stamps 2020 special.
  • As always, the stamp year will be rounded off with our popular Year Pack, which will contain copies of all 24 postage stamps and all four souvenir sheets.
  • We shall also be issuing franking labels in 2020. The new set of four self-adhesive franking labels will also be issued on 6th November.