Consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak

Due to the worldwide corona crisis, all air traffic in and out of Greenland has temporarily been closed. This has caused considerable delays in the supply of new stamps and raw materials for the manufacture of the collectors' products that we make and sell to, among others, you as collectors. At the same time, this has resulted in considerable delays in our outgoing mail.

Fortunately, we are still able to handle and deliver orders from our Service Center in Denmark! We may see a delay for coming issues and restocking of items with low stock, but for the time being almost all issues are still available.

For subscription shipments, we can currently not guarantee that all stamps and related products will be ready on time for our next issue of May 18, 2020, but we are doing our best to limit any delays in the distribution.

We are following the instructions of the authorities and making sure that all orders received are dispatched as soon as possible.

We are sorry for the negative consequences brought about by the current situation and encourage you to follow our website and Facebook page or contact our Service Center.