Aside from mint Greenlandic stamp Tusass Greenland, Filatelia offers cancelled variants.

To comply with all the individual requests from our collectors Tusass Greenland, Filatelia attends to the cancellation by hand or machine of our Greenland stamps for collector’s use.

There are three different types of cancellations:

1. Ordinary Day Cancellation:
The day cancellation is the most commonly used. It indicates the date and is used by all post offices in Greenland to cancel normal mail.

2. First Day Cancellation:
First day cancellation is produced specifically for stamp issues and is only used on the date of issue. This cancellation has a design specifically associated with the topic of the stamp in question and shows the date of issue.

3. Exhibition Cancellation:
If Tusass Greenland participates in a stamp exhibition we usually produce an exhibition cancellation which, apart from the dates of the exhibition, also depicts a logo.