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Greenland during World War 2 - Told through stamps 2016-2020 - English - Book

No. 01550052
EUR 27 00
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This book contains the story of Greenland during the Second World War - as seen by the Greenlanders. The main source for the book's text comes from Jens Henrich's PhD dissertation from 2010 "Eske Brun and the creation of modern Greenland, 1932-64". The book also contains first-day date-stamped copies of all ten stamps from the series, "Greenland During the Second World War - as seen by the Greenlanders". The stamps were issued in Greenland from 17th October 2016 to 18th May 2020. The book is, in itself, a complete collection of this historical stamp series. All ten stamps in the series and also in the book were created by the artist Naja Rosing-Asvid. Martin Mörck created engravings on all series of the stamps printed in combined laser engraving and offset. 46 pages. Hardback.