Expedition XII 1/2

Martin Mörck has also drawn and engraved the twelfth and last part of the series about important Greenlandic expeditions.  Jørgen Brønlund’s, Niels Peter Høgh Hagen’s and Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen’s participation in the fabled Danish Expedition 1906-1908 is honored on these stamps.

On 1st June 1907, the Denmark Expedition discovered that the Peary Channel did not exist and that Peary Land was part of the rest of Greenland.

The Denmark Expedition was a Danish-led expedition to North Greenland in the period 1906-1908 and was the brainchild of expedition leader Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen (1906-1908). He died during the expedition together with Jørgen Brønlund and Niels Peter Høeg Hagen.

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