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Everyday heroes in Greenland I - Mint - Set

No. 01100752+3-0
EUR 4 30
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Everyday heroes in Greenland I. Mint set 2 values. Tusass Greenland's 2023 stamp programme includes a groundbreaking innovation for Greenland: The launch of a stamp series entitled 'Everyday Heroes'. The first two everyday heroes to be immortalised on stamps in our series are Alfred Olsen and Bodil Davidsen. Alfred was the first Greenlander to join the legendary military unit the Sirius Patrol. For more than 20 years, Bodil Davidsen from Ilulissat has been actively championing and tirelessly working as a volunteer for the less fortunate. Lisbeth Karline has created the imaginative designs. The stamps are printed in offset. Face value / post office price: 32 DKK. Date of issue: 28th August 2023

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