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EUROPA - Endangered National Wildlife - Mint - Set

No. 01100702+3-0
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EUROPA - Endangered National Wildlife. Mint set 2 values. This year's theme for the EUROPA stamps is 'Endangered National Wildlife'. The Greenland Institute of Nature and Aarhus University, Denmark, have jointly prepared a red list. It is a list of Greenlandic animals and plants' threatening status and was commissioned by the Government of Greenland at the Department of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture. According to the latest red list, which is from 2018, there are few animal species in Greenland that are considered endangered. However, from those that are considered to be endangered, POST Greenland has chosen The Greenland White-fronted Goose, which is assessed as moderately endangered and Harbour Seals, which are assessed as critically endangered. The stamps are designed by the multi-artist Miki Jacobsen and are printed on normal stamp paper. The stamps are also available in a stamp booklet printed on self-adhesive paper. Face value / post office price: 36 DKK. Date of issue: 8th June 2021

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