EUROPA - Castles I 1/2

The nature of our country is magnificent, but we have no castles. The theme of the EUROPA stamps 2017 could therefore appear challenging.


EUROPA – Catles I 1/2 

Denomination: DKK 15,00 

Date of issue: 15th May 2017 

40 stamps per sheet 

Outer dimensions: 40,00mm x 28,80mm 

Format: G – horizontal. 

Artist: Buuti Pedersen 

Typography: Lowe-Martin Group 

Printing method: Offset 

Paper: TR4 


Since 1995, Buuti Pedersen has created stamps for POST Greenland. She is the woman and the artist behind our two 2017 EUROPA-stamps. The common theme in PostEurop is castles. We are looking forward to revealing how Buuti solves this artistic task in a Greenlandic context by means of these two stamps. They will be issued in normal sheets and mini sheets, printed on gummed paper, and also in a self-adhesive stamp booklet.

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