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EUROPA 2023 - Peace - Mint - Set

No. 01100749+0-0
EUR 5 75
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EUROPA 2023 - Peace - the highest value of humanity. Mint set 2 values. The theme of PostEurop's popular EUROPA series in 2023 is 'Peace - the highest value of humanity'. All postal services that issue stamps in the series share one design in this set of two stamps. The shared design was created by L. Bos and R. Egilsdottir. Greenland's own design, which adorns the second stamp in the set, was created by young Martin Brandt Hansen. The stamps are printed in offset and are also issued in an attractive stamp booklet. Unlike the set of the two EUROPA stamps, the same stamp designs in the stamp booklet are printed on self-adhesive paper. Face value / post office price: 43 DKK. Date of issue: 30th May 2023

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