Copper Wedding Anniversary, Frederik/Mary

Kobberbryllup, Frederik/Mary

There are warm and strong ties between Greenland and our royal family.

The ties are bound with deep respect for each other and have been confirmed through generations.

I wouldn’t imagine a day passes by without Greenland being in the Crown Prince Couple’s minds, since the gold in their wedding rings originates from the goldmine in Nanortalik, a present from the then Greenland Home Rule Government.

To highlight this deep respect, POST Greenland will issue a commemorative stamp to celebrate the Royal Couple’s Copper wedding anniversary to take place on 14th November this year.

The Royal Crown Prince Couple Copper Wedding
Denomination: DKK 20.50
Date of issue: 17th October 2016
20 stamps per sheet
Exterior dimensions: 32 mm x 58 mm
Format: Double F – vertical
Design: Steen Brogaard
Engraving: Lowe-Martin Group
Printing method: Offset
Paper: TR4
  • Copper Wedding Anniversary, Frederik/Mary

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