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Combined offer Slania - Souvenir folder, souvenir sheet and black print - Mint

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EUR 33 50
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Cz. Slania 100 years. Mint souvenir folder 1 pcs. On 22nd October 2021, the legendary engraver Czeslaw Slania would have turned 100 years old. On 12th August 2021 the three postal administrations in the Unity of the Realm celebrated this event by each issuing a souvenir sheet in which the stamp portrait of Cz. Slania is identical. Martin Mörck, in many ways Slania s successor, has drawn and engraved the portrait of Slania. In addition to this souvenir sheet, POST Greenland issued a beautiful souvenir folder and a black print numbered from 1 to 11,000. Face value / post office price: 138,5 DKK. Date of issue: 12th August 2021