Christmas Stamp 2017 1/2

01100618 Julefrimærke

True to tradition, POST Greenland issues two Christmas stamps each year. This year’s Christmas stamps for Greenland are the creation of an artist with whom many of our collectors are already familiar.


Christmas stamp 2017 1/2 

Denomination: DKK 13.00 

Date of issue: 27th October 2017 

50 stamps per sheet 

Exterior dimensions: 32.00 x 24.00 mm 

Format: B - horizontal 

Artist: Julie Edel Hardenberg 

Typography: Lowe-Martin Group 

Printing method: Offset 

Paper: TR4 


By Julie Edel Hardenberg, graphic artist and author

“The stamps are inspired by the Greenlandic Christmas hymn ‘Guuterput’, which was written by my great-great-grandfather Rasmus Berthelsen and in which he describes how a legion of angels descends on Christmas Eve. The second stamp is inspired by memories from my childhood, when my grandfather would give us candles to light in a recess outside on the snow, so that we could spread the Christmas spirit outside the home.”

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