Aviation IV/1

One new stamp in the series ‘Greenlandic Aviation’ is issued. Once again the aviation design has been created by the legendary engraver Martin Mörck.

The Bell 212 helicopter was introduced in Greenland in 1980 when Grønlandsfly acquired four of this type of helicopter. Another one followed in 1981 and, in addition, one has been leased from the Faroese company Atlantic Airways. This one was later included in the Grønlandsfly’s fleet.

The Bell 212 helicopter is a medium-sized helicopter, practically equipped and robust. It can land on land and water (with pontoons) and can transport up to 13 passengers. It is operated by one pilot – however, there must be two pilots if the number of passengers is ten or more. Therefore, Air Greenland’s commonly used version has only room for 9 passengers and there is also space for baggage, mail and cargo.

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