The Environment in Greenland II 1/2


Each year, POST Greenland issues a set of postage stamps which is only issued printed on self-adhesive paper. The paper type is the same as that used for POST Greenland’s other offset postage stamps which is type TR4.


The Environment in Greenland II 1/2 

Denomination: DKK 20,00 

Stamps per sheet: 10 

Date of Issue: 22nd January 2018 

Exterior dimensions: 40,00mm x 28,80mm 

Format: G - horizontal 

Artist: Gukki Nuka 

Typography: Lowe-Martin Group 

Print method: Offset 

Paper: Self-adhesive offset, TR4 


The design with the icebergs is called Fatamorgana and is a comment about the massive inland ice thaw. This is the result of climate change and brings with it the risk that icebergs will no longer be seen in nature at some point in the future. The same is happening to the polar bear, who swims in the open sea, as there is not enough ice for it to live on.

  • The Environment in Greenland II 1/2
    20,00 DKK

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