TAAF - Joint Issue 2/2

01100615 Joint Issue

The French Southern and Antarctic Territories (abbreviated to TAAF in French) consist of a number of volcanic islands in the southern Indian Ocean and are roughly equidistant from Africa, the Antarctic and Australia. Since 1955, TAAF has had the status of a French overseas territory.


Joint issue - TAAF 2/2 

Denomination: DKK 27.00 

Date of issue: 27th October 2017 

40 stamps per sheet 

Exterior dimensions: 44.30 x 32.00 mm 

Format: G - horizontal 

Artist and typography: Martin Mörck 

Printing method: Combined lasergravure and offset 

Paper: Swiss Stamp Paper 


The southernmost TAAF islands have a biodiversity and geography which in many ways resemble that of Greenland and the Arctic. We at POST Greenland would very much like to celebrate these similarities in a joint issue created by our two minor postal administrations.

Birdlife in the Arctic and the Antarctic is the theme of the joint issue. The Emperor Penguin and South Polar Skua are depicted on the two stamps issued by TAAF, while the Arctic Tern and Sea Eagle are represented on the two stamps by POST Greenland.

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