Sepac 2019: Old Residential Buildings


Old residential buildings on this year’s Sepac stamps


Sepac 2019: Old Residential Buildings 
Poul Egede’s House in Ilimanaq 

Photographer: Frants Frandsen 

Denomination: DKK 17.00 

Date of issue: 21. June 2019 

10 stamps per sheet. 

Exterior dimensions: 40,00 mm x 28,50 mm 

Format: G - horizontal 

Typography: Lowe-Martin Group 

Print method: Offset 

Paper: TR4 

Buildings are an important part of our cultural heritage. They are a tangible reminder from the days of our forefathers; one which we have a duty to look after.

  • Sepac 2019: Old Residential Buildings
    DKK 17.00

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