Kujataa as UNESCO World Heritage


Last year UNESCO added the agricultural and the cultural landscape of Kujataa in Southern Greenland to its World Heritage List. We celebrate this honour with a beautiful stamp by highly esteemed artist Aka Høegh, who has lived in Southern Greenland for decades.


Kujataa as UNESCO World Heritage 

Artist: Aka Høegh 

Value: DKK 17.00 

Date of Issue: 22nd October 2018 

10 stamps per sheet 

Exterior dimensions: 58,00 mm x 32,00 mm 

Format: F-double, vertical 

Typography: Lowe-Martin Group 

Printing Method: Offset 

Paper: TR4 


To preserve sites of particular significance to humanity, the United Nations organisation, UNESCO, has selected a number of areas and buildings of particular importance. These locations and monuments are part of the larger concept of ’World Heritage’.

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