Greenlandic Music I 1/3 - Drum singing


Music plays an important part in Greenland’s culture and history. It is therefore natural that we dedicate a whole series to Greenlandic music.

Artist: Camilla Nielsen 
Denomination: DKK 1,00 
Date of issue: 23rd January 2017 
Typography: Lowe-Martin Group 
Printing method: Offset 
Paper: TR4 
Camilla Nielsen, who will be known to several of our collectors from earlier stamps, has created a total of six beautiful images reflecting the Greenlandic music through six different eras. The three first stamps, which will be issued on 23rd January, depict Greenlandic music in a very long time perspective, all the way from drum singing to accordion music. The stamps will be issued in normal sheets and printed in offset.
  • Greenlandic Music I 1/3 - Drum singing

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