Environment in Greenland I 2/2

01100617 Miljø i Grønland

Each year, POST Greenland issues a set of postage stamps which is only produced in self-adhesive format. The paper type is the same as the one used for POST Greenland’s other offset postage stamps, which is TR4.


The environment in Greenland I 2/2 

Denomination: DKK 11.50 

Date of issue: 27th October 2017 

Exterior dimensions: 28.00 x 40.00mm 

Format: G – horizontal 

Artist: Ivínguak’ Stork Høegh 

Typography: Lowe-Martin Group 

Printing method: Offset, self-adhesive 

Paper: TR4 self-adhesive 


With these two self-adhesive stamps, ‘Environment in Greenland I 1/2 and I 2/2’, we are at the same time welcoming Ivínguak’ Stork Høegh. These stamps are namely her debut at POST Greenland. This series of stamps will be continued in 2018 with two more stamps covering aspects of the environment in Greenland.

Ivínguak’ finds inspiration in music and our society. The music forms ‘images’ in her head. In particular, she finds music with texts that deal with Greenlandic society and politicians’ opinions the most interesting. She then combines this with inspiration derived from the beautiful but harsh nature of Greenland.


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