Christmas Stamp 2017 2/2

01100619 Julefrimærke 2017 2/2

Som det er tradition, udgiver POST Greenland hvert år to julefrimærker. Årets grønlandske julefrimærker er skabt af en kunstner, som mange af vores samlere kender til.


Christmas stamp 2017 2/2 

Denomination: DKK 15.00 

Date of issue: 27th October 2017 

50 stamps per sheet 

Exterior dimensions: 32.00 x 24.00 mm 

Format: B - horizontal 

Artist: Julie Edel Hardenberg 

Typography: Lowe-Martin Group 

Printing method: Offset 

Paper: TR4 


By Julie Edel Hardenberg, graphic artist and author

“The stamps are inspired by the Greenlandic Christmas hymn ‘Guuterput’, which was written by my great-great-grandfather Rasmus Berthelsen and in which he describes how a legion of angels descends on Christmas Eve. The second stamp is inspired by memories from my childhood, when my grandfather would give us candles to light in a recess outside on the snow, so that we could spread the Christmas spirit outside the home.”

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