Additional value stamp - Kofoed's School Nuuk

01100605 Kofoeds Skole

The 2017 additional value stamp supports a good social cause

This year, Kofoed’s School in Nuuk has been appointed as the beneficiary of the total proceeds from the sale of the annual additional value stamp. Multi-artist Miki Jacobsen is the man responsible for the attractive design depicted on the stamp.


Additional value stamp

Kofoed’s School Nuuk

Denomination: DKK 13.00 + 1.00

Date of issue: 18th October 2017

40 stamps per sheet

Exterior dimensions: 28.80 x 40.00 mm

Artist: Miki Jacobsen

Typography: Lowe-Martin Group

Printing method: Offset

Paper: TR4

Since 1928, Kofoed’s School has been a place where unemployed and socially vulnerable people could come to find support and the offer of an active everyday existence. Nowadays, Kofoed’s School is a self-owning social organisation, which works to aid unemployed adults, the homeless, and others. The school’s objective is social work on a basis that is both pedagogical and development-oriented, so that pupils receive help to develop their own opportunities to live a satisfactory life, both socially and personally.

  • Additional value stamp - Kofoed's School Nuuk
    13.00 + 1.00

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