Additional Value 2018 - Association for Greenlandic Children


Watercolours by H.M. The Queen of Denmark.
For the very first time, Her Majesty the Queen’s artwork will appear on Greenlandic postage stamps.


Additional value for the Association for Greenlandic Children 

Artist: Margrethe R. 

Denomination: DKK 14.00 + 1.00 

Date of issue: 16th April 2018 

Stamps per sheet: 10 

Exterior dimensions: 40.00 x 33.00 mm 

Format: G - horizontal, oversize 

Layout and typography: Bertil Skov Jørgensen 
Watercolours photographed by Michael Tonsberg 

Printing method: Offset 

Paper: TR4 


This historic event is especially significant because her Majesty has decided that the stamps should be issued for the benefit of charitable work in Greenland. Among the Queen’s many patronages you will find the Association for Greenlandic Children, an association of volunteers whom, for almost a hundred years, have worked continuously to create better conditions for Greenlandic children.

  • Additional Value 2018 - Association for Greenlandic Children
    14.00 + 1.00

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