Abandoned stations III 2/2 - Loran station Angissoq


To tell the tale of the abandoned stations on the stamps, we have allied with partners, which include Greenland’s National Museum & Archives and two artists: Sissi Møller and Lisbeth Karline.


Abandoned stations III 2/2 
Loran station Angissoq 

Artist: Lisbeth Karline 

Denomination: DKK 42.00 

Date of issue: 21. January 2019 

10 stamps per sheet. 

Exterior dimensions: 40,00 mm x 28,80 mm 

Format: G - horizontal 

Typography: Lowe-Martin Group 

Print method: Offset 

Paper: TR4 

These two stamps form the third and final part of our series of six postage stamps, focusing on the historical narrative that the abandoned stations in remote locations in Greenland are able to tell us today.

  • Abandoned stations III 2/2 - Loran station Angissoq

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