Abandoned stations I 2/2 - Ikateq Air Base


“Abandoned stations” is the title of a new series consisting of a total of six stamps. The series focuses on the history told by the abandoned facilities and stations around Greenland today.


Abandoned stations I 2/2

Ikateq Air Base

Denomination: DKK 14,00

Date of issue: 15th May 2017

40 stamps per sheet

Outer dimensions: 40.00mm x 28.80mm

Format: G – horizontal.

Artist: Lisbeth Karline Poulsen

Typography: Lowe-Martin Group

Printing method: Offset

Paper: TR4


In order to tell the story about the abandoned stations on stamps, we have co-operated with the National Museum and Archives of Greenland, among others, and a couple of artists. Special thanks to architect and curator Inge Bisgaard of Greenland National Museum and Archives in Nuuk. The stamps will be issued in normal sheets and printed in offset.
The first part of the series consists of two stamps created by Lisbeth Karline Poulsen.

  • Abandoned stations I 2/2 - Ikateq Air Base

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