2018 Sepac stamp – Amazing Views


The artist and the photographer who created this year’s Greenlandic Sepac stamp is completely new to the world of stamp art. He is Erwin Reinthaler, from Austria.


2018 Sepac stamp – Amazing Views 

Denomination: DKK 16.00 

Date of issue: 25th May 2018 

Stamps per sheet: 10 

Ext. dimensions: 100.80 x 28.80 mm 

Photographer: Erwin Reinthaler 

Printing method: Offset 

Paper: TR4 


Even though Erwin Reinthaler is new to the world of stamps, he has previously created art and published a book - about Greenland.
His book ’The Unknown Mountains of East Greenland’ was created in collaboration with his good friend Hans Christian Florian, district physician in Tasiilaq. Those of us who have obtained a copy of the book will know that it contains photographic art that is world-class. We now leave the words to the man who, a couple of years ago, recorded the beautiful panoramic photo that adorns the 2018 Greenlandic Sepac stamp.

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